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Re: Hello all.
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Re: Hello all.
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Too funny. I remember trying to avoid parking for a Braves game at a public park up Georgia Ave. from Turner Field. An APD cruiser approached and told us that if we parked there we shouldnít expect the car to be there after the game. Or at least not there in the way that weíd left it.
Honestly, my partner and I have owned the building for 8 years now. Iíve had to replace a couple car windows, but the locals havenít ever given me trouble. The worst thing Iíve had happen was the recently paroled con who tried to sell me a Jeep Liberty for $200... Unfortunately doing the movie car stuff led a few neighbors to believe I might be interested in buying an obviously stolen car. I sent him packing... finally. Took more work than Iíd like to admit though.
The building is up for sale currently and when/if it sells Iíll miss the neighborhood and location more than anything else. Iím BLOCKS from both 75/85 and 20 and just laugh as Iím headed against traffic in every direction. The time not spent commuting nearly offsets the cost of city taxes.

We moved out of the city of Atlanta to Smyrna years ago.

     Same price Got a house 2x bigger , lot and yard was 10x larger, taxes were 1/4 , and schools donít have metal detectors at the entrances .