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np203 2wd conversion options
« on: February 29, 2004, 10:52:00 PM »
Can anyone provide information about the options for converting a full-time 203 to part-time?

I have a 1977 GMC sierra 15 that I recently purchased, and will be using it mainly to pull a boat a couple of days a month during the summer. The rest of the year will be rarely used. maybe twice a month to keep it active.

It has front locking hubs but no mods on the 203, previows owner was driving the 203 LOCKED and with the hubs unlocked.

What are my options here, I would go for a Milemarker MIL95-92203 shaft kit but I don't want to spend more that $100, The shaft is over $200 everywhere I looked.
There's Milemarker MIL501 for around $40, that's a nice price, but is it any good?

these guys don't think so, but then again they might be doing serious offroading.

Or I can lock the front hubs and use the 203 like it was meant to be used.

Any ideas and suggestion on where to get the best price is appreciated Thanks!