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Got some electrical questions/issues
« on: April 02, 2006, 12:21:00 AM »
I am trying to get everything working on my 84 K10. Right now, my factory temp gauge is always pegged at 260 and never moves. Replaced the sender and still nothin. Pulled the cluster, and all looks well. I cleaned all terminals, and still nothin. There seems to be a fourth pin on the gauge that goes to nothin, but if I ground it, the gauge falls to the lowest setting (100 I think). Is this supposed to be grounded?

Secondly, my 4wd indicator doesnt come on. I pulled the bulb housing from the gauge panel, and no matter what there is power in the socket to both terminals. As soon as I turn the key on, it has juice, even if I am not in 4wd. I also noticed that if I test the one terminal, I hear a relay clicking. Is there one in this circuit?

Finally, this truck has had all emissions stuff removed before I got it. I noticed a white box behind the glove box, with what used to be a harness coming from it. The harness has been cut off, and I think it went through the firewall above and to the left of the engine (if looking from the front). Is there anything that would have been in this harness that could be afecting my other electrical devices? And what is that white box anyway? A computer maybe? Sorry, new to these trucks and my service manual isnt here yet, so I'd appreciate any help at all. Thanks.


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Re: Got some electrical questions/issues
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2006, 12:39:00 AM »
For you 3rd question that box was the early attemps at computer controlled vehicles. That box controlled the distributor and a couple other sensors on the carb that had to do with the ignition and timing. So if you replace the carb and distributor with earlier model non computer controlled units you can eliminate that box and wiring harness without affecting the other electrical functions of the truck. That box has a stand alone harness seperate from the rest of the truck.
I have removed a lot of these mid 80s computer systems both from trucks and gm cars and never had any problems with the rest of the electrical system. So I am almost positive that your temp gauge and 4wd indicator are not related to this box.